Who Is Girl Boss Collection

What does Girl Boss mean?

A Girl Boss (also known as Lady Boss or Boss Lady) has a sense of confidence and awareness about where she stands in this world and where she wants to go in life. A Girl Boss means being yourself and pursuing your own ambitions and goals with confidence. You have to take ownership of your own life. You do you.

What is Girl Boss Collection?

The Girl Boss Collection is a Lifestyle Brand for working women and female entrepreneurs. Our mission is to motivate women with something as classic a shirt or a coffee mug that gives her a fashionable way to express herself! It gives her a sense of pride in herself.

We're just here to hype her up to be the best girl boss she is

We're here to reassure her that she won't always fail at things and that failure is just one more step closer to figuring things out and reaching her goals. We're here to encourage her with our Girl Boss Collection. You are HER!